What an inspiring evening with Lynne Davies

Last evening Lynne visited Waterside Art Group to give a demonstration of painting a woodland scene using acrylics.    Although she uses a photo for her first inspiration Lynne lets her imagination flow and interprets the photo in her own way.  This will depend on her mood and what the painting is telling her to do next and which colour to use.    Woodland scenes do not have to be green!!  

The group were enthralled as she painted away using an old brush, spraying with water and then letting the paint run to create its own picture.  With the camera and projection system everyone could see well even though we had an excellent attendance and the room was full.   

After the interval Lynne then added a little more detail,  scrubbing some colour into the painting to represent leaves and bushes and finally adding some branches to take the eye into the painting.  Here is a photo of the finished painting:   Thank you Lynne and we wait to see what the members of the group create in the coming weeks!