Waterside Art Group Membership


Hythe Community Centre and home of the Waterside Art Group MembershipThe Waterside Art Group is a diverse community of local artists.  We meet on Tuesday evenings at Hythe and Dibden Community Centre to share skills and knowledge and to develop our abilities and techniques.   Our membership includes experienced artists as well as complete beginners keen to learn and develop to their full potential.

We help to enhance our understanding and love of art by sitting down together to paint and draw in a wide range of styles, media and to learn new techniques.  This also broadens our participation in all art matters and crucially will help improve personal confidence.


Mutual Help:

We support each other with constructive advice based upon our collective experience and individual abilities. Hence we enjoy a friendly and open community in which there is no such thing as bad art.  Waterside Art Group welcomes new members of all abilities.  There is no waiting list.  Membership is taken out at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the end of January.  It runs annually from AGM to AGM.   A new member may join at any time and the membership fee will be calculated according to the proportion of the year remaining.

What is included in your membership:

It covers attendance at all normal Tuesday painting evenings.  Members benefit from a reduced entrance fee to demonstration evenings.  It also gives the opportunity for members to display paintings in the members’ gallery section of the Waterside Art Group website.  Members may also enter WAG exhibitions.  Membership matters are normally dealt with at a Tuesday evening group meeting. 

Further information or any queries you may have can be made through this website’s Contact page.

Annual Membership fee:

Membership of Waterside Art Group is £26.00 per year plus a £4.00 annual membership to the Hythe and Dibden Community Centre – this is arranged through the Art Group at the time of membership enrolment.


Please contact the secretary, Christine Jones, [email] if you are interested in becoming a member.   The Membership Application form may be downloaded here: Membership Application form 2019


The constitution for Waterside Art Group can be viewed here: WAG Constitution and Rules 2019





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