Waterside Art Group Newsletter

The WAG Newsletter provides an update for members on all matters related to Waterside Art Group.  We also plan to create an archive of past newsletters.  All interesting Newsletter topics will be considered for future use in the WAG newsletter so please contact the newsletter editor, currently the WAG chairman, with your ideas and suggestions. 

You may wish to write a newsletter article yourself, perhaps about a project or new technique you have been involved in and wish to share with other WAG members.  You may have equipment you wish to sell or donate to the WAG group.  Or you may have other good ideas or suggestions for activities the group can consider arranging. 

Perhaps it’s an interesting place you have recently visited in the UK or abroad.  Or possibly, you may have attended an art course and would like to let others know all about your experience.  You may have discovered an art exhibition or gallery other members of WAG might wish to visit. 

Or perhaps you have found interesting online art information, articles or art training videos that would be of interest to other WAG members.  You may have attended an art lecture or talk and wish to bring this to the attention of the WAG programme secretary so it can be considered for a possible WAG Tuesday evening event.

All these, and undoubtedly many more good ideas that you will come up with, will help make it much easier for the WAG newsletter editor to write compelling and interesting newsletters we can all enjoy.

Contact the Newsletter editor.

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