2019 WAG Calendar

During 2017 the group produced a Waterside Art Group Calendar for 2018 containing paintings of Hythe and the local area.  This was a great success and all the copies were sold.  The project will be repeated in 2018 to produce a calendar for 2019.  The theme will once again be Hythe and the Waterside and all the images used will be new ones. 

There will be one selection evening which will be Tuesday 15th May.  Members are invited to bring up to two paintings, unframed, along for selection on that evening.  All members will be able to vote whether they bring a painting or not.   This will not be a usual painting evening as the tables will be needed for displaying the proposed calendar paintings.   At the AGM the membership indicated very strongly that they wished to be responsible for the selection so please do come along and vote on Tuesday 15th and have your say! 

All the guidelines and information relating to this project can be found by clicking on the link below. 

Calendar (2019) information for members


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