An enjoyable evening with Dave White

A demo evening with Dave White

A very enjoyable evening was had by 30 members and guests where the talented Dave White demonstrated painting a dog portrait in acrylics.

The demonstration was performed in three stages:

1:   First he did a sketch outlining the dogs head.

2:   Next he detailed all the hairs.

3:   Finally he painted the last and most important part “the eyes” . Getting the eyes right is a must, as this will make the painting come to life.

Dave was very good in explaining his process in detail, which was appreciated by many of the guests.

With the camera and projection system in place, this meant everyone could see even with the room being full.

Dave has a website, which has photographs of his paintings. He also organises painting holidays. The web links to the sites are as follows:

Dave White artist

Painting holiday Wye Valley

Painting holiday Exmoor

We would like to thank Dave for a lovely time.