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Waterside Art Group 2019 Calendar 

Dear Members 

A 2019 calendar

As you know, our 2018 calendar of members’ paintings has been a huge success.  Once again, the committee thanks everybody who submitted paintings - whether finally selected or not - and all of you for taking an enthusiastic part in the selection and in the buying and selling of the calendars.

As we have mentioned already, we plan to produce a calendar for 2019.  The following notes explain most of the detail but please contact a member of the committee if you need further clarification:

Theme:  our 2018 calendar theme of “Hythe and the Waterside” was undoubtedly the attraction for the majority of purchasers.  People bought them for friends and relatives who had moved out of the area and many were sent to far-flung places around the world.  Therefore we have decided to retain that theme for the 2019 calendar.  There are so many iconic images in the area that we believe that you creative members will have no difficulty in finding new subjects or variations of style.  The theme doesn’t mean that we are limiting the paintings to ‘photograph-like images’.  We would definitely like to achieve a balance so that the range of media and styles of the group is represented.  Be creative!  We are advised against typical “New Forest” scenes because there are so many calendars on that theme.

Media:  any medium may be used but bear in mind what the finished result will look like when printed in colour at A4 landscape size (approx.30cm x21cm)

Size:  the original painting may be of any size up to a maximum of A3 landscape but it would be sensible to paint using similar proportions to minimise the necessity of cropping.  The picture will be across the top of each page and the dates in the bottom half as in our 2018 calendar.  It will be folded across the middle and have a punched hole for hanging.

Painting presentation:  we will either scan or take a high quality digital photograph of each painting selected for inclusion in the calendar.  Therefore, please leave your paintings unframed.  They may be mounted to facilitate handling.

Selection process:  we plan to have just one selection evening on Tuesday 15th May to ensure maximum fairness.  The exact format for this evening will be decided in due course.  Two paintings may be submitted but it is unlikely that more than one painting per artist will be included in the calendar.  The committee reserves the right to make the final judgement of which paintings will be included in order to achieve a balanced presentation. Please label the back of each painting with its title and your name.

Copyright matters:  ideally your painting should be based upon your own observation or photograph; if it is copied from another painting or a photograph, then the source should be acknowledged.

The committee


Final demonstration for 2017

Our friend and supporter John Edwards will be visiting to demonstrate painting in oils on 26th November.

To read more about demonstrations click [here]


Library Exhibition

Do not forget there is an opportunity for you to exhibit your smaller paintings in the glass display cabinets in Hythe Library from Monday 27th November to Saturday 9th December.  Titles of paintings to Chris by this Tuesday, 14th November and hand in your paintings on 21st November please. Contact Chris by clicking here [Chris]


Christmas Social Gathering

Our Christmas social is being held at The Boathouse Restaurant on Hythe Marina on the evening of Tuesday 12th December.  if you have not signed up yet and would like to come please contact Hilary Bell ASAP. 


Let us have your views …..

Don’t forget that the Committee is elected by you, the members, to manage the group on your behalf.  So please do let us have your constructive ideas.  We may not be able to implement them all but be assured that they will be given serious consideration.  The calendar is a good example of this.


Keep informed!

Don’t forget that the best way of keeping up-to-date with what’s happening at Waterside Art Group and learning more about the above events is by frequently checking out our website watersideartgroup.co.uk.  Posts under the tab [News] will let you know if anything different is happening on a Tuesday evening.  Also this Newsletter and previous ones can be read at any time by going to the Members tab on the website and clicking on [Newsletter] in the drop down menu.   Chris and I will keep providing supplementary information via e-mails.

Best regards



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