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Waterside Art Group Spring 2017 Newsletter

Hello members

The daffodils are springing up in the garden and I hope you are also springing into action with your art.  It has been really good to see so many of you turning up on Tuesday evenings and having such a jolly time.

2018 calendar

Our first two selection evenings for the calendar have sparked quite a lot of interest and discussion about the relative merits of the contributions.  Many thanks to those of you who have brought in paintings so far and to all of you for voting.  There has been quite a range of subjects, styles and media.  This is the first time, at least for a long time, that we have held such a selection process so we are learning as we go along.  As mentioned before, we will hold all four selection evenings, then the committee will look at the relative scores and do their best to select the images for the calendar.  We will keep you informed at every stage and will ask the creators of the selected images to bring them in for high quality photography.

The third and fourth selection evenings will be on Tuesdays 18th April and 16th May.  Keep painting so that we have plenty of paintings from which to choose.

Here is one of your favourite paintings 

To view the other favourite paintings please click here.

Demonstration by Barry Miles

We are looking forward to welcoming Barry back for another demonstration of ‘Buildings in the landscape’ on 28th March.  This will obviously be very different to our February demonstration of a pastel portrait.  It shows what a wide range of opportunities we have and our demonstrations will hopefully inspire you to ‘try something different’.

Read more about this demonstration by clicking here.

Critique of members’ paintings by John Edwards

We always look forward to hearing John’s views on our works of art, which you are all invited to bring along on Tuesday 25th April.  Much can be learnt from John’s positive comments about the paintings and also from his gentle ‘opportunities for improvement’.  Don’t be shy about putting up your paintings or drawings for review.  If you really don’t want to do so, then still come along and be informed by John’s comments.  Visitors are equally welcome to attend this learning opportunity.

More information will be found be clicking here.

‘Small is great’ workshop

Margaret Plant will be leading this workshop at the Community Centre on Saturday 3rd June from 10am until 4pm.  After an initial presentation on the subject of painting miniatures the remainder of the workshop will be spent on practical work using acrylics.  Participants should be able to take home a small and a larger painting on the provided canvases.  The cost will be £22 for members and £26 for non-members.  Tea and coffee will be available but you will have to cater for your own lunch.  To secure your place on the workshop please contact secretary@watersideartgroup.co.uk.

More information about the workshop will be found on the website here.

 Keep informed!

Don’t forget that the best way of keeping up-to-date with what’s happening at Waterside Art Group and learning more about the above events is by frequently checking out our website watersideartgroup.co.uk.  Chris and I will keep providing supplementary information via e-mails.

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