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February 2018 Newsletter 

Dear Members

The 2018 committee (actually last year’s re-elected!) has met for its first meeting since the AGM.  The key points of interest for you are mentioned below.

2017 Christmas meal: 

Feedback from members was that they enjoyed the meal and agreed that having it locally was the best option.  Hilary Bell had been thanked for her excellent organisation of the meal.  We will consult about the 2018 venue nearer the time.



Membership for 2018 is now due and many of you have already signed up for year.  Thank you.  We are delighted to welcome several new members who have joined recently. 



As Fran reported at the AGM we have a satisfactory bank balance but, of course, this will reduce through the year as we pay the Community Centre rental etc.

Further expenditure will be Community Centre storage charges (see below), a new panning head for the camera tripod, calendar up-front costs, Hampshire Open Studios registration fee and additional exhibition road signs.

We have once again applied to be included in the Waitrose Community Matters green token scheme.  So please tell all your friends about it when we are advised of “our” month.



Community Centre storage charges: 

Regrettably, the Community Centre has, without any prior consultation about the cost, invoiced us for storage of our display boards and our metal storage cabinet upstairs.  Whilst we recognise that the Centre has to pay its way, we would have appreciated time to budget for this significant additional expense.  The cost equates to an increase of one-third on the annual subscription or, to express it in another way, the equivalent of 13 members’ annual subscription.  We have written to the Centre suggesting a compromise.  We cannot suddenly demand this increase from members and we are very fortunate that we made a profit on our calendars.  We will monitor the cash flow through the year and give you as much notice as possible if we believe we will need to make a modest increase in the 2019 subscription.


Hampshire Open Studios brochure entry:  

We were very grateful to all those members who offered painting images so that we could select one to go in the HOS brochure.  

 In our selection process we particularly had to focus on the “attention grabbing” power of the images when they were reduced to thumbnail size.  So clarity, tonal contrast and interesting colours were important.  We finally decided on a painting by Gordon Hammond.  Congratulations to him but also thanks to all who participated.



Early planning for August exhibition:

Following positive feedback from many members, we will, once again, display paintings by artist.  However we will slightly ‘tweek’ the guidelines to emphasise that each artist will be allocated a space 4ft high and 3ft wide rather than just say “up to four paintings”.  More details of the summer exhibition and dates can be found by clicking [here]


 Third-party use of our display boards: 

If you see our boards being used by another group during the year, do not be concerned.  We have agreed with Derek Witts that he may use them provided they stay within the building.  This will probably follow on from our own exhibition.  He will pay us a fee, which will contribute to our storage costs. 


Calendar painting selection evening: 

As we have mentioned already, this will be on Tuesday 15th May 2018.  We urge as many members as possible to bring along their entries for the calendar and to vote for their favourites.  We plan to add up all the votes and announce the favourite paintings on the night.  There will obviously be some “dead time” during voting and counting so we are contemplating setting up a couple of ‘still lifes' that members can sketch during this time.  We will obviously need quite a few tables on which we can display the entries so sketching on your knees may be the order of the day.  Between now and May maybe you could give us your feedback on this idea or any others that you may have.

Full information about submitting paintings for the calendar can be found by clicking [here] or by visiting the website and going to the Members tab along the top. 


Southampton City Art Gallery “4 seasons” Exhibition: 

The committee was pleased that three of our members had paintings selected for this competitive exhibition. To visit Southampton Art Gallery website click [here]  The exhibition is very worthwhile visiting. 


The committee wishes you good painting in 2018 and don’t forget that our website watersideartgroup.co.uk is continuously updated with the latest news.  

If you would like to contact me about anything then please use the email below.

Best regards

Peter York


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