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Newsletter for New Year 2018 

As we are blown into 2018 I would like to send you greetings for the New Year.

Once again, Chris has developed an interesting programme for the year and, of course, I think we all find our normal Tuesday painting evenings to be a good way of concentrating on our art at least once during the week. Our social contact with like-minded people is also of great benefit to many.   The first painting session for 2018 will be on Tuesday 9th January. To take a look at the programme of demonstrations for the year click here.

 There is no doubt that some of us will face challenges of all sorts during the year - some we know about now, some we don’t - and I would like to assure you that you will all be in my thoughts during these times.

 Don’t forget to come to our AGM on Tuesday 23rd January.  There will be short reviews of our activities in 2017 and a peep into those planned for 2018.  Your nominations for the committee will be put to the vote and you will be able to take out your membership for the year.  Please notify me in writing by 16th January of any AOB items that you would like to raise.  Those brought up at the meeting may be referred to the committee for a subsequent response or to the 2019 AGM if appropriate.

 All of our key dates and events for 2018  are now on the website, watersideartgroup.co.uk, and you are encouraged to use the site as your prime source of up-to-date news and information about the group.  Remember that all members may have a gallery of their paintings on the site.

If you would like to contact me about anything then please use the email below.

Best regards

Peter York


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