Spring Newsletter

Dear members and friends

Spring seems to be a good time to share a few thoughts with you, especially as our group has been bursting into action with lots of offers of help from members. So, let’s start with:

Members in the news:

I am absolutely delighted that our group is growing in maturity with so many of you volunteering not only to maintain what has been developed over many decades but also in helping to move us forward. We are grateful to Corina and Rebecca for volunteering to join the committee.

Corina has already been sitting alongside Mary and beginning to learn the intricacies of the website. This means that we will have somebody who will be able to manage the site in the event that Mary should be unavailable. But, more than that, Corina has already published her first “post” on the site highlighting the work of two or three members - some complete works, others “in progress”. She intends to do this on a more or less fortnightly basis to keep the site “fresh” and to give exposure to what members are achieving. Why not take a look by clicking here.

Rebecca has volunteered to assist Chris with administration issues as they are needed.

We were very encouraged when Sally and Colin T offered their assistance even before becoming members! Sally has volunteered to become our Programme Secretary and is being briefed by Chris. Colin has offered to become Vice-Chairman, which is very timely as I shall most probably be out of action for some time from early April. Even more pleasing is that Colin and Sue have agreed to manage this year’s exhibition planning.
I know that you will support our committee wherever necessary.


Our next demonstration will be by well-known artist Jamel Akib on 25th June. He will be doing a cityscape in pastels and a portrait in oils. Prepare to be excited by Jamel’s modern approach!
Later, on 23rd July, it will be your turn to present your work at John Edwards’s critique evening. John has a very fair, analytical eye and there is always something that we can learn from his reviews of other members’ work as well as our own.
Winter Acrylic 30
As you know, we have less demonstrations this year but those promise to be of good quality. However, Gordon has managed to obtain the services of Clarissa Russell for an “experimental landscape” demonstration in acrylics on 24th September. Put it in your diary. Read more about all our demonstrations here.


Over the years we have mounted exhibitions at a variety of local venues with rather mixed results, so this year we are concentrating all of our efforts on our Summer Exhibition in the Community Centre. As you know, we are staging it during Hampshire Open Studios and hope to have at least as good a response as last year. We are taking out a half-page in the HOS brochure this year thereby hoping to publicise ourselves even more to the visiting public. More details about the summer exhibition and the exhibition entry form can be found here.

This decision means that we will not be exhibiting our smaller works in Hythe Library this year.


Our usual reminder! Don’t forget that the website watersideartgroup.co.uk contains the entire programme for the year and also has useful downloadable documents such as the exhibition entry form. More members have recently sent in photos of their paintings and drawings for the galleries. All members are welcome to do this; just remember to photograph them as square-on as possible and not through glass and to send in as good quality JPEGs.

Enjoy your spring and early summer and remember to get painting for the exhibition!


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